Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here we are...The Foster Family of Five! Okay, so I had NO idea that when I did my first what I thought to be sample post months ago that it was really "out there". It's okay I admit I'm a little "slow" sometimes. One day I was visiting the normal blogs that I frequently enjoy reading and there IT was... Foster Five on here friends list! How did it get there??? I'm still not sure how it all works, but I now realize that I didn't just make a practice blog. SO now months later I guess I'll go ahead and write. I may as well make it official, oh wait, it already was just not to me..ha

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What on earth am I getting into

Okay, so I'm in the dark ages- no facebook, never a myspace, and no blogspot, or anything remotely close to it. However, as I continue to look at my friends pages and admire all of their special moments with their kids I think we have those priceless moments as well- ones where your kids say the funniest things ever. Since those moments do get forgotten I need to write them down somewhere my kids may look one day which will not be handwritten journals. No, to our kids this too will seem ancient, however, it's what we have. Please bear with me friends as I try to play catch-up. Thank you Kara, Kelly, Dorothy, and Shannon for having such sweet memories that made me want to share my priceless moments as well.